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Tenner To 10X!

5th November 2020

In 2021 the Tenner Challenge has become the ‘10X Challenge’ as the UK’s biggest free enterprise programme will get a new look, platform and some great new resources!

This change in name is because we’ve joined forces with 6 European countries from our colleagues at Junior Achievement Europe to help increase the reach of this fantastic programme that has helped so many young people develop their business skills in the UK.

As a group we are aiming to engage over 100,000 young people aged 11-18 over 3 years!

10X will have the exact same 4 week format as the Tenner Challenge with young people receiving the initial pledge of £10 to create their own business but will have some new features:

The first feature will be a brand new platform for teachers and students to use that we are sure will be easier to use and be more interactive too! The platform will be available for use by late January.

10X will also see new resources and activities available to help students learn about the importance of long-term savings and investment. Having listened to teachers and parents, we want to encourage young people to think about their financial goals and the steps they can take to help them achieve them in the long-term.

We will be sending out more information as we get closer to the February 22nd start date so please register your interest via the form below to be kept up to date and we will make sure that you have everything you need to make the 10X Challenge a success for you and your young people!

10X registration