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10X From Home

In preparation for the Challenge why not explore the 10X from Home materials?

10X from Home is an adapted version of the 10X Challenge which offers flexibility for delivery whether your students are in school or learning remotely. 10X from home is a hypothetical exercise whereby young people complete the first two weeks of the Challenge without producing or selling goods. It can be used as a stand-alone project or as a way for students to kick start their 10X ideas so they are ready to start in the summer term. Using the 10X from Home Guide and the documents below students can imagine, remotely research and plan a business that starts with a hypothetical £10, creating the logo and a sales pitch along the way!.

Think it!

What business could you start if you were given £10?
Create your business idea, name and logo
Product and service suggestions

Research it!

Find out what your customers would want from your product or service by getting your friends and family to complete this via chats, telephone or email.
Remote Market Research Survey

Plan it!

Fill in the business plan to identify the key parts of your business.
Business Plan

Pitch it!

Use the below plan to write a sales pitch that would make potential investors back your business.
Sales pitch plan

Please note: 10X from Home is a hypothetical activity and no participants should be marketing or selling any of the products or services they think of.

Extension task

Use the below sheet to learn about budgeting.
Business Plan