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The Challenge

How it works

Four Week Challenge Plan

Over four weeks students use their £10 pledges to get their student business ideas off the ground.

The 2021 10X Challenge is due to run from 19th April to 14th May, subject to confirmation.

Why not try 10X from Home in the meantime so your young people can kick start their 10X business ideas ahead of the start of the challenge?

1 - Here´s £10!

Teams research and decide on a product or service to invest their £10 in.

2 - Getting started

Teams need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events.

3 - Keep it going

Students get their product or service ready and promote their selling events.

4 - Payback and keep the profits

At end of the Challenge students decide how to spend or donate their profit after repaying £10 pledge plus £1 legacy contribution to support the 10X bank.

Weekly Competitions

At the end of week 1 and 2 students have the opportunity to enter a Challenge competition.

1 - Logo Design

We look for logos which create impact and communicates the product or service to customers.

2 - Sales Pitch

Imagine you only have 60 seconds to sell your product or service, what would you say?

Entering a Competition

When the Challenge begins all 10X competitions will be open for submissions, entries can be uploaded whenever they are ready.

Full details of file formats, upload instructions and judging criteria will be available online in resources for the Challenge.

National Competition

The National 10X Challenge Competition runs at the end of the four week programme

There are five different awards:

  1. Most Profitable Business Idea
  2. Best Team
  3. Most Inspiring Person, within a team or individual budding entrepreneur
  4. 10X for Good
  5. Best in Sustainability

The judges look for evidence of innovation, creativity and problem solving within all the awards along with stories of teamwork and personal development.

Full details are available online in resources for the Challenge.

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