Young Enterprise Scotland has worked closely with SQA over the last year to achieve this recognition, and demonstrate the learning outcomes achieved through the Tenner Challenge align closely to the qualifications criteria.

“The Tenner programme helps young people develop self-reliance, self-esteem and confidence through supported and independent learning and provides young people who wouldn’t normally have access to these types of activities with a route to qualifications'' says Young Enterprise Scotland Chief Sxecutive Geoff Leask ''The recognition is a very positive step for us as an organisation and demonstrates that our programmes link into the curriculum and provide young people with lifelong transferrable skills. It also shows our commitment to the Developing the Young Workforce and supporting wider achievement agendas.  It’s a fantastic addition to the SQA stable of personal development awards and we’re very proud that efforts of the young people taking part will now be formally recognised.”

“To turn a profit from just ten pounds requires a lot of skills; particularly creative thinking, resilience and problem solving.'' Kelly Milford, Regional Manager at SQA added: ''The Tenner Challenge fosters all of these attributes in young people which in turn allows them to generate evidence that can be used by their school to help them achieve our Personal Development units in Self and Work; and Enterprise Activity. The Tenner Challenge allows young people to gain skills and confidence that they can take forward into the next stages of their learning journey.”

Find out more about how Tenner Challenge supports Scottish schools with the national curriculum and can be SQA accredited  click here