The Tenner Challenge presents young people with an opportunity to extend curriculum subjects such as Mathematics and English. Tenner supports Ofsted requirements around careers education and the statutory financial education element of the Citizenship programme of study.

Tenner activities will also support PSHE education in England and Personal and Social Education Framework in Wales by providing an opportunity to develop employability, teamworking and leadership skills, and learn about the economic and business environment.

In 2017 19, 487 UK participants took part and 497 UK centres registered:

  • On average, 4 out of 5 teachers agree that Tenner benefitted students across all eight employability competencies.
  • 89% of teachers agree Tenner supports Ofsted requirements by providing contextual learning within Financial Mathematics and English
  • 91% of teachers agreed that Tenner improved young people’s confidence.
  • 89% of teachers agreed Tenner enables young people to give something back to their school and their community.
  • 83% of young people felt they had improved at least one employability competency
  • 78% of young people agreed that Tenner helped them explore a range or roles and responsibilitie

Read the full 2017 Tenner Impact Report here